Date Night


My husband asked me out on a date. Awww…so sweet!

We decided to stay in and watch a movie together. We put on our comfy clothes and got cozy under a blanket. He picked a movie that he knew I’d love. So thoughtful.

Time flies when you are enjoying yourself. Before we knew it, the movie was over. It’s always great to have these special times set aside to share.

Steven called me the following day to ask how I liked the movie. I told him all about it, but he said, “Um, that’s not the movie I watched.”

Well as it turns out, we watched 2 different movies. We got a laugh outta that.

Long distance relationships can be tough, but they don’t have to be. Keeping a positive attitude and laughing together makes enjoyable memories that’ll last forever.

Believe it or not, we still got our date night together. It really didn’t matter what we watched as long as we were with each other in spirit and in thought. Steven & I have a special connection. And we keep that connection strong by making time for each other.

Just like any successful marriage, making time for each other is important. Situations and schedules may be different for everyone, but it’s the love that is felt that can make a moment special.



Suzie Jennings


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