Labeling Ourselves




I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have definitely been victim of putting a label on myself. Both big & small, good & bad.

At one time or another I’ve categorized myself as: happy/sad, strong/weak, introvert/extrovert, right/wrong, etc., and even as a prison wife. All of those things are true, yet no single word or phrase completely defines me.

The truth is, I think that ALL things combine together to make a person who they are.

I remember when I was trying to find the right name to title this very blog of mine. I thought I was going through some sort of identity crisis or something.

I was not comfortable displaying “me” as a particular label/stereotype/stigma. I didn’t want to hide behind a name that restricted my existence to a certain topic. I am not here to market myself with a catchy title or a single-sentenced slogan to explain my life.

I went through a few different blog names before I decided to call this blog who I am: Suzie M. Jennings.

This is a name that is true to myself. It won’t change. It won’t label. It’s simply…me.



Suzie Jennings


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