The Mind Must Be Attended To



I’ve found myself in some awkward positions, brought on by my own thinking.

I recently tried to explain myself to someone, and in return I was asked to give an example to support my statement.

When put on the spot, I was confused & unsure how to reply because I saw truth in the other person’s words.

I knew I did not want to lie or offend this person. So, I stopped talking.

After some reflection, I came to discover that I did not have a concrete example to support my statement. It was my own distorted thinking which lead me to that awkward moment.

I have a conscience, and I could feel something was out-of-sync within myself.

DISTORTED THINKING: Exaggerated or irrational thought patterns. Cognitive distortions are thoughts that cause individuals to perceive reality inaccurately. These thinking patterns often reinforce negative thoughts or emotions. Cognitive distortions tend to interfere with the way a person perceives an event. Because the way a person feels intervenes with how they think, these distorted thoughts can feed negative emotions and lead towards a depressive or anxious mental state.

Boy! That’s quite a definition, huh?

I almost didn’t even want to add it to this post. I’m sure there are different variations and degrees to this type of thinking. Or maybe not. Maybe that is just another example of my thoughts attempting to twist things up into my favor (lol).

Recognizing this issue in myself makes me want to change. Makes me want to seek the help that I need to take control of my thoughts before they spiral into a destructive path.

Now that I am aware, I will actively attend to my mind! I’ll try my best to catch my thoughts and give them a good “reality check“.

My husband is my biggest supporter. His gentle & encouraging nature helps me to focus on all the positive. He keeps me grounded with logic & truth.

I will try to stay productive & positive. I believe these two things will help promote my intelligence & radiate my potential to shine through.



Suzie Jennings


2 thoughts on “The Mind Must Be Attended To

  1. Gay Jennings says:

    WOW this is wonderful. Your growth is amazing. Stay focused and positive. Everything is life starts with how you think about it. Make yourself FIRST on your list. Love you.

    Liked by 1 person

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