Please Keep Us In Your Prayers

There’s been a prayer deep in my heart that I’ve been trying to articulate. Then, my loving husband wrote this blog. His timing is remarkable!

Steven D. Jennings


I have seen the power in prayer.

Through this blog, I’ve seen real fellowship and the cultivating of a loving community.

This blog and the people who follow, have really helped change my life. The inspiration, encouragement, and prayers have been an undeniable force in my life. I embrace all contributing factors with all my strength.

That’s why I’m coming to you with a prayer request. Please pray for my wife & I.

We get along great and love each other deeply. That is not the issue.

The issue is 15 years until my release, and the 900 miles between us.
The issue is several months between visits.
The issue is we get tears in our eyes, caused by distance.

Our hearts ache to be with one another. There are days when the reality of the distance between us is harder than other days.

I pray for extra strength and the wisdom for us…

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