Who I am

A powerful poem…

Steven D. Jennings


A poem by Steven Jennings

Inspired by Knowledge

I can be your worst enemy or your best friend.
Treat me right and I’ll stay to the end,
Do me wrong and I’m gone like the wind.

I’m a powerful source and I give you good days,
I give you several options and show you many ways.

I’m the reason you love, I’m the reason you fight,
I’m the reason you lay awake on those long sleepless nights.

I give you comfort when times are bad,
I throw fuel on the fire and drive you mad.

I’m the reason you act the way you do,
I provoke every thought inside of you.

I can make you argue and control what you say,
I’ll decide whether or not you have a good day.

I’m the strongest influence when it comes to you,
I control every little action that you do.

I’m that…

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