Made With Love




To My Lovely Lady,

My love goes out to my one & only lady. I do not exclude anything from you, for I love ALL of you. My love warms and lightens every part of you. And it is my desire to touch your heart, soul, and sacred inner-being…for I am your true soul mate! The love I have for you is a POWERFUL force that will bring you ultimate happiness beyond that in which you have ever known.

The love within me is complete & perfect because YOU are complete & perfect.

I love you,



Gosh I love my husband! Just look at what he writes to me. His heart is so full of love and I am honored to be his wife, best friend, and partner in life. His love touches every part of me and fills my world with a special warmth.

A few months ago he created his own special line of cards for me called, “Made With Love.” I love how we articulate and show our love to one another in creative ways. I’ve got the sweetest, most tender-hearted husband ever!



Suzie Jennings



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