Both Sides of Being A Prison Wife




To feel happy, yet sad.
To feel married, yet separated.
To feel comfort, yet longing.
To feel desired, yet un-touched.
To feel cherished, yet neglected.
To feel remembered, yet forgotten.
To feel close, yet far.
To feel taken care of, yet not.
To feel blessed, yet robbed.
To feel his written words, yet not his body.
To feel safe, yet unprotected.
To feel full of conversation, yet unable to call him.
To feel like writing, yet bored of writing.
To feel like a wife, yet an employee.
To feel like partners, yet independent.
To feel useful, yet used.
To feel laughter, yet tears.
To feel appreciated, yet to be called names.
To feel patient, yet rushed.
To feel complete, yet unfulfilled.
To feel joy, yet pain.
To feel satisfied, yet deprived.
To feel authentic, yet stereotyped.
To feel understood, yet misunderstood.
To feel in love, yet heart broken.


To feel both sides of the spectrum all at once is an intense feeling within. And to always have the choice to choose which side to focus on, is entirely up to me. Love is constantly there to override the negative.

To feel loved…is the side I choose.




Suzie Jennings


4 thoughts on “Both Sides of Being A Prison Wife

  1. Chuck Aston says:

    You’ve mentioned feeling used in a few instances. Every relationship requires trade-offs and compromises. You’re ahead if you’re deriving more benefit from your relationship than you are pain.

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  2. carriegallop says:

    This really applies to not only being a prison wife, but being in a relationship in general! It’s a beautiful sentiment! There always has to be positives and negatives! There are always ups and downs, distances in different forms. Glad to see you are choosing to make the best of it! Wishing you so much happiness! 💝

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