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Steven & Suzie Jennings

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Hiking 1,000 Miles To Hug My Husband

Yep, I am! Our marriage is full of Paper Hugs, and I really feel like going the distance to get a real one. I will start in California and hike north on the Pacific Crest Trail all the way up to Washington, where my husband is. I estimate that this long distance backpacking trip will take … Continue reading Hiking 1,000 Miles To Hug My Husband

The Bond Between A Husband & Wife Is Something Very Special

Inmate Blogger


hello world , its me again .

i must apologize for my lack of communication , i could give you a bunch of excuses such as I’ve been too busy dealing with the parole board , which i seen last month on the 15th or i am spending alot time with my wife.

I could say any of the two because both are the truth but to tell the truth , it really doesn’t matter because i didn’t write as often as i should have and i ask for your forgiveness .

now ,as to why i am writing right now is because I was out at visitation with my wife and i had the opportunity to see both Steven & Suzie Jennings out there enjoying each others company.

I have seen them at visitation and i have noticed the interaction between the two of them before and i kept…

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A Story Of Forgiveness

    "The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud." Buddhist Proverb   I learned the hard way about the process of forgiveness. But strangely, I am thankful for that. My story starts out beautifully. My husband and I met, fell in love, and mapped out our life together. We made goals, planned our … Continue reading A Story Of Forgiveness

The Sweetest Letter From My Husband

    I will always remember the exact moment I read this very letter. A flood of tender love & emotion ran through me and instantly healed my heart from hurtful words. I truly felt what it is like to forgive quickly and to forget all previous painful conversations. It was as though this letter hit the … Continue reading The Sweetest Letter From My Husband

Love Conquers All

Steven D. Jennings


Everybody has a voice. Everybody has an opinion. These voices and opinions have great range.

The topic: Suzie & I getting married.
The range: from love to hate.

So why do some people love it, and others hate it? The situation is exactly the same to everyone. And that is: I married a good, wholesome, honest, beautiful woman, and I am in prison.

All of the people who love it, they know me. But the people who are skeptical, who aren’t supportive, and who flat out hate it…well, they don’t know me. They only know my situation: that I am a man in prison.

These ranges of feelings are to be expected. I completely understand. I would not want any of my loved ones developing a relationship with an inmate. I don’t care how much of a “good guy” he is. I would say, “There are BILLIONS of free guys…

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The Power Of Communication

    One of the key ingredients to a happy & healthy relationship is communication. And it wasn’t until I was actually in a situation myself, that I realized I needed to practice this. The two basic parts of communication are: talking & listening. My husband and I have learned that both of us must be … Continue reading The Power Of Communication