Both Sides of Being A Prison Wife

    To feel happy, yet sad. To feel married, yet separated. To feel comfort, yet longing. To feel desired, yet un-touched. To feel cherished, yet neglected. To feel remembered, yet forgotten. To feel close, yet far. To feel taken care of, yet not. To feel blessed, yet robbed. To feel his written words, yet not … Continue reading Both Sides of Being A Prison Wife


Real Love Letters

    The popular saying "sealed with a kiss" is quite literal between my husband and I. We fell in love through writing letters. My husband, Steven, has been wanting us to share our personal correspondence on our blog: Real Love Letters. I've struggled for months about doing this. I've been indecisive. I find it difficult and a bit odd to … Continue reading Real Love Letters

There Are Two Views In Every Window

    My eyes have not been able to pull away from this picture for days. I am memorized by the different meanings that I interpret within it. I feel a loneliness, but also love & hope as well. It's strange to feel such a mixture of emotions at the same time. I am alone, yet, I am not. My … Continue reading There Are Two Views In Every Window

A Weekend With My Husband

    It seemed we were the only two people in that crowded room. We sat there in love, speaking through our unwavering eye contact. It felt as though our hearts were harmonizing and beating to the same rhythm. The moment was beautiful. Then, my husband suddenly tilted his head down. His body began to tremble as … Continue reading A Weekend With My Husband

Paper Hugs

    Yes! Letter writing still exists in this day and age. And there is something wildly exciting about getting a real love letter in the mailbox. Due to our long distance relationship, my husband and I both understand the importance of our forms of communication. We stay in contact primarily through handwritten letters and … Continue reading Paper Hugs

Love Conquers All

Steven D. Jennings


Everybody has a voice. Everybody has an opinion. These voices and opinions have great range.

The topic: Suzie & I getting married.
The range: from love to hate.

So why do some people love it, and others hate it? The situation is exactly the same to everyone. And that is: I married a good, wholesome, honest, beautiful woman, and I am in prison.

All of the people who love it, they know me. But the people who are skeptical, who aren’t supportive, and who flat out hate it…well, they don’t know me. They only know my situation: that I am a man in prison.

These ranges of feelings are to be expected. I completely understand. I would not want any of my loved ones developing a relationship with an inmate. I don’t care how much of a “good guy” he is. I would say, “There are BILLIONS of free guys…

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A Special Day Together

    My husband invited me to join him at The Significant Woman’s Event. This event is all about honoring the special woman in his life who's provided ongoing support, sacrifice, and encouragement. The activities are designed to assist in fostering the growth & strengthening of our relationship. I started my 14 hour drive from California to Washington … Continue reading A Special Day Together