A Letter To My Wife’s Family

My loving husband wrote this to my family…

Steven D. Jennings


Who would want their daughter, sister, aunt, or any family member to get involved with a man in prison? Not me! I could only imagine.

But this is the situation for Suzie’s family. She’s involved with me. We’re in love. We’re married.

Here is a letter that I wrote to her family:

Dear Suzie’s Family,

Um…Hi. I’m a little nervous, so please bare with me. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I sincerely hope you do so with an open mind.

What is love?
What does it mean to truly love someone?
What is the ultimate goal in life?

To me, these answers are quite simple.
The ultimate goal is to be happy. To truly love someone means to treat them with respect and compassion at all times. Love is kind, gentle, and understanding.

I love Suzie. She is so sweet, kind, and compassionate. I recognize all her unique…

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I Love You

My sweet husband wrote this to me. I love him so much!

Steven D. Jennings


To My Beautiful Wife:

I promise to give you my very best. I promise to be the man you need me to be. I promise to learn your ways and to be understanding towards you at all times. I promise to love you with all my heart. I will forever stand by these promises.


There have been times when I didn’t understand. But I understood enough to realize you were hurting. As your husband, the man you chose outta everyone else, it’s my job to soothe your pain and to put joy back in your heart. Whether I agree or disagree, what matters is that I realize how you’re feeling and that I respond with love and understanding.


You have given me your heart. I promise you that I will fiercely protect it. Fiercely protect it from me. For who could hurt a wife…

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To My Wife…

Steven D. Jennings


My Sweet Darling,


Thank you for bringing me serenity, intimacy, love, and joy. I am in prison. I am not supposed to feel these things. Yet you find amazing ways to give me these in abundance.

Without you a large part of my Being would suffocate in my own demise.

Our journey of minds have become ONE. I absolutely love & cherish the fact that together we know there is a state of consciousness that heals instantly. I’ve lived a huge portion of my life unaware that this state of consciousness exists. This is a gift that you have given me. You have opened my eyes.

When I am with you, I am at my happiest. Do you have any idea how much love & excitement you bring to my life? My heart beats for you. Not only are you my wife, you are…

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