Angel Numbers

    I've recently discovered that there is an entire Angelic Realm in the universe where Angels communicate by showing us signs. The most common signs are through number combinations. Did you ever wonder in the back of your mind why you always seem to glance at the clock at certain times? 1:11 or 4:44 or 11:11 … Continue reading Angel Numbers


Please Keep Us In Your Prayers

There’s been a prayer deep in my heart that I’ve been trying to articulate. Then, my loving husband wrote this blog. His timing is remarkable!

Steven D. Jennings


I have seen the power in prayer.

Through this blog, I’ve seen real fellowship and the cultivating of a loving community.

This blog and the people who follow, have really helped change my life. The inspiration, encouragement, and prayers have been an undeniable force in my life. I embrace all contributing factors with all my strength.

That’s why I’m coming to you with a prayer request. Please pray for my wife & I.

We get along great and love each other deeply. That is not the issue.

The issue is 15 years until my release, and the 900 miles between us.
The issue is several months between visits.
The issue is we get tears in our eyes, caused by distance.

Our hearts ache to be with one another. There are days when the reality of the distance between us is harder than other days.

I pray for extra strength and the wisdom for us…

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"Continue in the spirit of meekness, and beware of pride. Let thy soul delight in thy husband, and the glory which shall come upon him."   D & C 25:14


Until recently, I had no idea that my husband was so diligently seeking help & guidance through prayer. And on the flip side of that, he had no idea that I had been reaching out to the Christian community. I received some fantastic news from --Blessed Magazine--. They read Steven’s blog and expressed an interest … Continue reading Blessed


As an added bonus during this delightful month of December, Steven and I have decided to read the scriptures together. The book of Proverbs (Proverbs Chapter 1). I gotta be honest, it’s been a while since my scriptures have been opened. In fact, I had to get them out of a box in storage. As … Continue reading Proverbs